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Ms. Robyn Greenwald
Anti-Bullying Coordinator

973-226-7644 ext. 314

Mrs. Lynn Cummings
Anti-Bullying Specialist

973-226-7644 ext. 372

Mr. Mark Mansour
Alternate Anti-Bullying Specialist

973-226-7644 ext. 332

Staff Directory

Roseland Board of Education
100 Passaic Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068
(973) 226-7644

Board Office
Name Position Ext. Email
Deanne Somers Superintendent 315 dsomers@roselandnjboe.org
Cathy Overbeck Secretary to the Superintendent 315 coverbeck@roselandnjboe.org
Julie Kot Business Administrator/Board Secretary 311 jkot@roselandnjboe.org
Lisa Barcia Assistant to the Business Admin./Payroll/Accounts Payable 312 lbarcia@roselandnjboe.org
Tom August Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds 319 taugust@roselandnjboe.org


Main Office
Name Position Ext. Email
Robyn Greenwald Principal 389 rgreenwald@roselandnjboe.org
Evelyn Rajkovich Secretary to the Principal 389 erajkovich@roselandnjboe.org
Frances Noronha Nurse 316 fnoronha@roselandnjboe.org
Steven Marx School Safety Officer 384 smarx@roselandnjboe.org
Lynn Cummings School Counselor 372 lcummings@roselandnjboe.org


Name Position Ext. Email
Adam Rivera Computer Technician 374 arivera@roselandnjboe.org


Special Services
Name Position Ext. Email
Jennifer Zeoli Supervisor of Special Services 315 jzeoli@roselandnjboe.org
Jean Fitzgibbons Speech Language Pathologist 390 jfitzgibbons@roselandnjboe.org
Sharon Zeman Speech Language Pathologist 352 szeman@roselandnjboe.org
Ruth Schuster School Social Worker 332 rschuster@roselandnjboe.org
Phyllis Schoenfeld    LDTC 320 pschoenfeld@roselandnjboe.org   


Grade Level Teachers
Name Position Ext. Email
Daniella Rivera Pre-K Teacher 333 drivera@roselandnjboe.org
Elissa Eccleston Kindergarten Teacher 353 eeccleston@roselandnjboe.org
Lori McGrath Kindergarten Teacher 342 lmcgrath@roselandnjboe.org
Ashley Safir Kindergarten Teacher 345 asafir@roselandnjboe.org
Nicole Ashby First Grade Teacher 392 nashby@roselandnjboe.org
Jenna Buccelli First Grade Teacher 393 jbuccelli@roselandnjboe.org
Susan Groome First Grade Teacher 350 sgroome@roselandnjboe.org
Gina Ortiz First Grade Teacher 364 gortiz@roselandnjboe.org
Jennifer Luzzi Second Grade Teacher 391 jluzzi@roselandnjboe.org
Ann-Marie Petrarca Second Grade Teacher 338 apetrarca@roselandnjboe.org
Debbie Sessa Second Grade Teacher 366 dsessa@roselandnjboe.org
Katelyn Fabiano Third Grade Teacher 335 kfabiano@roselandnjboe.org
Christina Melillo Third Grade Teacher 370 cmelillo@roselandnjboe.org
Janine Piscitello Third Grade Teacher 323 jpiscitello@roselandnjboe.org
JoAnn Brady Fourth Grade Teacher 339 jbrady@roselandnjboe.org
Kristina Kash Fourth Grade Teacher 331 kkash@roselandnjboe.org
Michele Tedeschi Fourth Grade Teacher 363 mtedeschi@roselandnjboe.org
Jason Giumara Grade 4-6 SS Teacher 356 jgiumara@roselandnjboe.org
Nicole Leone Fifth Grade ELA Teacher 351 nleone@roselandnjboe.org
Julieth Santos Fifth Grade Math Teacher 357 jsantos@roselandnjboe.org
Janet Boggio Sixth Grade ELA Teacher 325 jboggio@roselandnjboe.org
Colleen Lavorgna Sixth Grade Math Teacher 358 clavorgna@roselandnjboe.org
Candace Thomas Grade 4-6 Science Teacher 362 cthomas@roselandnjboe.org


Support Staff
Name Position Ext. Email
Frank Pane Special Education Teacher/Behaviorist 368 fpane@roselandnjboe.org
Mark Mansour Special Education Teacher 343 mmansour@roselandnjboe.org
Debbie Wallace Special Education Teacher 361 dwallace@roselandnjboe.org
Susan Murphy-Tesoriero Special Education Teacher 336 stesoriero@roselandnjboe.org
Jaclyn Carnevale Special Education Teacher 321 jcarnevale@roselandnjboe.org
Lisa Varecka Special Education Teacher 330 lvarecka@roselandnjboe.org
Richard Celebre Special Education Teacher 354 rcelebre@roselandnjboe.org
Christine Garlewicz Basic Skills Teacher 334 cgarlewicz@roselandnjboe.org
Lauren Miller Basic Skills Teacher 344 lmiller@roselandnjboe.org
Chelsea Clarke Gifted and Talented Teacher 331 cclarke@roselandnjboe.org



Special Area Teachers
Name Position Ext. Email
Renee Collins Art Teacher 347 rcollins@roselandnjboe.org
Heather Schimmel Library Media Specialist 317 hschimmel@roselandnjboe.org
Marilyn Havrilla Vocal Music Teacher 360 mhavrilla@roselandnjboe.org
Justin Surdyn Instrumental Music Teacher 341 jsurdyn@roselandnjboe.org
Michael Megaro Physical Education Teacher 365 mmegaro@roselandnjboe.org
Laurie Martell Physical Education Teacher 373 lmartell@roselandnjboe.org
Chelsea Clarke World Language Teacher 331 cclarke@roselandnjboe.org